Hunan Wok Chinese Restaurant



w. White Rice

Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce (S)5.65 (L)9.95
Plain Lobster Sauce (S)3.50 (L)5.00
Shrimp w. Broccoli (S)5.75 (L)9.95
Shrimp w. Snow Peas (S)5.65 (L)9.95
Shrimp w. Chinese Vegetables (S)5.65 (L)9.95
Shrimp w. Black Bean Sauce (S)5.65 (L)9.95
Shrimp w. Pepper and Tomato (S)5.65 (L)9.95
Fresh Scallops w. Broccoli (S)5.75 (L)10.25
Fresh Scallops w. Snow Peas (S)5.75 (L)10.25
Shrimp w. Bean Sprouts (S)4.75 (L)8.75
String Bean w. Shrimp (S)5.65 (L)9.95
Curry Shrimp (S)5.65 (L)9.95
Curry Lobster (No Shell) (S)5.75 (L)10.25
Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts (S)5.75 (L)9.95
Hunan Scallops (S)5.75 (L)10.25
Kung Po Shrimp (S)5.65 (L)9.95
Hunan Shrimp (S)5.65 (L)9.95
Szechuan Shrimp (S)5.65 (L)9.95
Shrimp w. Garlic Sauce 9.95
Fresh Scallops w. Garlic Sauce (S)5.75 (L)10.25
Moo Shu Shrimp (w. Pancakes) 9.25
Diced Chicken and Shrimp (S)5.65 (L)9.50
Hawaii Shrimp 7.25